Zhongke West Stem Cell Research Institute: stem cells can effectively anti-aging

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As people get older, anti-aging has long been the expectation of middle-aged people, many of whom go to great lengths to prolong their lives and stay young in order to maintain a strong constitution and vitality.In order to meet people’s demand for anti-aging, various anti-aging theories and related technology products emerge in endlessly, and anti-aging stem cells are one of them.The degeneration of tissue and organ structure and function caused by human aging is essentially the weakness of cells, and the weakness of cells is mainly caused by the weakness of stem cells.Stem cells are a key link in the exploration of human growth, development and aging. From the perspective of clinical medicine, stem cell therapy can completely change the treatment of many diseases, especially many difficult and complicated diseases through the replacement and repair of tissues and organs.Stem cells can effectively treat blood diseases, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, myocardial infarction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc., which can become a new strategy for the treatment of aging diseases.Stem cell therapies are already available worldwide.Now, a growing number of scientists are investigating the use of stem cells to treat age-related diseases and even explore using them to extend life.A large number of experiments have shown that stem cells have anti-aging effects, and some clinical trials have also shown that stem cells have significant therapeutic effects on early aging and degenerative diseases.Improving aging through stem cell and immune Cell interactions Symptoms of aging syndrome include slow speed, limited energy expenditure, limited muscle strength and feelings of physical fatigue, and patients are often more prone to other serious illnesses.In recent years, scientists have slowly unraveled some of the underlying biological factors of aging, such as inflammation, oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.A decrease in the number of stem cells in the body is another biological factor associated with aging.The team wanted to study the effects of injecting new cells on debilitating diseases.In a Phase 1 clinical trial, they recruited 15 patients with varying degrees of fattening and received a single injection of bone marrow stem cells from a healthy adult donor.The treatment appears to be safe and there are signs that it is working.Six months after the stem cell injections, patients walked 10 percent more in six minutes than they did before treatment, and their average cognitive score rose slightly.Other aspects, such as grip strength, did not change significantly.Based on the positive results of the Phase 1 clinical trial, a Phase 2 clinical trial was initiated.A total of 30 patients were enrolled in the Phase II trial, divided into three groups: placebo, 100 million cell dose group, and 200 million cell dose group.One month after injection, patients in all three groups did not experience any side effects.The group that received the 100 million cell dose had lower levels of inflammatory markers and improved performance on six-minute walking tests and other physical functions.These improvements may come from stem cells interacting with other immune cells.As described in the research editorial, mesenchymal stem cells have a number of biological properties that make them attractive therapeutic options: intravenously injected mesenchymal stem cells with sites of inflammation and tissue damage;Mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into a variety of cell types. Mesenchymal stem cells, including muscle and bone, secrete bioactive compounds to induce tissue repair and inhibit inflammation, and have immunomodulatory effects to evade host immune responses.Stem cell therapies are superior to other existing methods.Can young stem cells make older people stronger?It’s worth thinking about.These Clinical trials in the Journal of Gerontology show that young stem cells have the potential to improve aging.Scientific research has proved that stem cells can secrete some cytokines, such as insulin growth factor 1 and superoxide dismutase, to improve the function of various tissues in the aging body.In the future, as research develops, young stem cells are expected to bring even greater joy to the elderly.