Pirates 2 topped the Korean box office for the ninth time in a row, and the romance between Lee Kwang-soo and penguin became the focus

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On February 4, according to the revitalization of the data provided by the committee, Korean movie, Jiang He Han Xiao weeks that, wonderful radio and others action adventure comedy starring film “the pirates: ghosts flags of Korean movie box office champion won the day, and since the release last month 26 for nine consecutive days even Korean movie box office champion throne, only one step away from millions of attendance.However, since the release of the movie, what has been most discussed by fans is not the story between the main actors Kang Ha-na and Han Hyo-joo, but the relationship between the supporting actor Lee Kwang-soo and a penguin.In “Pirates 2,” Lee gwang-soo plays a weak and ambitious pirate leader who talks about his dream of being a pirate king.On his way to become a pirate king in search of royal treasure, Lee gwang-soo becomes friendly with a penguin.Lee gwang-soo, who represents the king of the mouth, tries to convince the penguin that he will become a pirate king, but is slapped in the face by the penguin.Not reconciled after The Li Guangzhu penguins in search of treasure on the road, caused a lot of jokes.In response, viewers of the movie said, Lee gwang-soo and Penguin are unique, no wonder there are so many posts about Lee and Penguin, and Lee gwang-soo is so funny when he doesn t care about his opponents.It has been revealed that the film segment, which caused a frenzy of discussion among the audience, is actually A one-man show by Lee Kwang-soo.True when shooting around wonderful radio is only a piece of blue props, pure with wonderful radio imagination and acting, that only colourful penguin is late by CG to complete, so a large number of south Korean people screenings for wonderful radio acting, even the director jeong-hun Kim praised wonderful radio acting “although only a blue items in front of,But Gwang-soo even knows how the penguins will react.I am very surprised and grateful for Gwang-soo s performance.Since the movie industry in substantial development in the new century, in the variety show when general no rights pass without physical performances of the joke is really became a art, under the drab blue screen, green screen, actor with the imagination to complete the lens more and more, how to grasp the emotional distance between characters and items, for more excellent performance under the premise that do not break really,Has become a required course for new age actors.And wonderful radio in “pirates 2” work hard, and not in vain, since the film, although the box office is good, but the word of mouth has been falling, supporting only one wonderful radio was certainly by a large number of audience, and become one of the main important factors lead the audience to watch the movie, for his actors history left a glorious.What do you think about that?Welcome to comment ~