The police couple became attached to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games this winter Olympics they “two-way”

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There is a kind of romance, is to wear “lovers” every day;There is a kind of happiness, is to fight hand in hand with you;There is an agreement, is to do my lover and comrade-in-arms;There is a kind of honor, is to defend the double Olympic city together.In the chaoyang police team, there is a couple who met at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games singing “Beijing Welcomes You”. 14 years later, they are guarding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics singing “Together for the Future”.For 14 years, they have been wearing a pair of navy blue clothes every day and have been busy protecting their safety.Now, they are working together for the goal of the Safe Winter Olympics.The couple are both police officers of chaoyang Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The husband, Li Zhi, has been working in the Jinsong Police Station of Chaoyang Branch for 11 years. He is now a security team for the “Ice Sail” Olympic Games in the National Stadium.His wife, Li Jing, has been working in the CBD Control Detachment of Chaoyang Branch for 11 years. Now, she is the security team of the “Ice Ribbon” Winter Olympics in the National Speed Skating Hall.Stationed in the national stadium security, Li Zhi was assigned to the front command post.”When I first entered the stadium, I used to walk in the wrong area because I was not familiar with the venue.This round is increased the stream of people, increased the strayed into the risk “of the closed loop area, when he found the problem, he often for their virtual a character test venue security, assuming that he himself is the audience, assuming that a staff member, assuming that he is” destroy the part, “he to different roles into the different areas of the national stadium, found the problem, record the problem,The situation was reported to the command post in time, and we pooled our wisdom to formulate the optimal solution to ensure the security of the venue.At the same time, Li Zhi is also responsible for the video data collection of the venue security work, and he records the work of his colleagues with his own perspective.Li Jing was assigned to the emergency handling position of the speed skating hall, every day they simulate the disposal of emergencies inside and outside the venue.Communicate with operation teams and staff inside and outside the venue horizontally and vertically, summarize and drill possible problems at different times, regions and crowds, in order to ensure standard and proper disposal.”Husband, you are working at the grass-roots level, and you have encountered many cases. Please help me think about it again. Things may happen during the security period, so we will have targeted drills.””Daughter-in-law, do you have any good flattening process for the command post to guarantee the vehicles to enter the stadium with temporary materials for reference?”The couple had not seen each other for a long time, and finally had a chance to “talk on the phone”, but they still talked about security work, so they did not let their comrades around joke, “Can’t you talk about something else?”They are the good partner in life, the good helper on the career, as husband and wife, they never lack common topics, they carry the same belief goal, the same responsibility, waiting in different venues, loyalty connected with two hearts, with silent dedication to reveal the true meaning of love, interpretation of a bit of accompanying dependent.With the initial heart, go the furthest road, duty first, small family, together to help the Winter Olympics security, together to protect the city of double Olympics.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong