West Lake snow heart is very warm!The police station near the West Lake has both fire and ice

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On the second night of the lunar New Year, it was snowing in Hangzhou. After seeing the snowflakes falling, tourists came to the West Lake to enjoy the snow excitedly.A Woman surnamed Shi and her husband in Hangzhou were no exception. They were enjoying the snow by West Lake with their children when they had a heated argument over something small.During the Spring Festival, Ms. Shi thought that her husband was still in trouble with her, so she took advantage of parking near the Children’s Palace to go to the toilet and left in anger. She sent a message to her 11-year-old son that she was going to run away from home.When the son saw his mother’s news, he was so frightened that he told his father immediately.Ms. Stone’s husband heard can be anxious bad, looking for his wife everywhere, but also reported to the police.Can always find no trace of his wife Stone lady, his heart also follow the sky falling snowflakes like gradually sink down.In the husband lost sad during, received a let his whole body warm up the phone — wife Stone lady found, fast to liulang police station!With children rushed to the police station, listen to the police’s explanation, he learned that liulang police station is braving snow in the holy pond near the scenic spot looking for traces of Ms. Stone!At that time, the sky was already dark and the temperature was close to sub-zero. Jin Wei, a police officer in Liulang police Station, managed to find Ms. Shi who was sad alone in Starbucks and took her back to the police station to persuade her.Musttake good care WenZeFeng police to couple Daniel, finally opened the woman and her husband, two people’s heart and eliminate the gap between a couple, the couple with two children bother to thank to the police, the long cold winter night, the more can let a person feel comfort is the police bring warm, ms stone a finally reunited, happy, enjoy the Spring Festival.