“Always love you” + “Good health”, the elderly are also sending flowers to convey their wishes

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Statistics from Ele. me show that the elderly have become another major force of online flower orders these days, with the number of flower orders six times that of the same period last year.Compared with young people’s pursuit of novel flower combinations, among the elderly consumer groups, in addition to the traditional bouquet of 11, 19, 99 roses and other conventional flowers, cappuccino, crushed ice blue roses and other novel flowers are as popular.Take crushed ice blue roses as an example, more than 25 percent of the orders come from elderly users.At the same time, the person in charge of momoflorist observed that, different from young consumers, phrases such as “good health forever” appeared more frequently in the order remarks and bouquet captions of elderly users, in addition to the direct expression of love.It is understood that, affected by low temperature, the output of flowers in Yunnan has dropped significantly this year, and the price of mainstream flowers such as roses and lilies is rising, with the price of popular flowers expected to be more than twice that of last year.The rise in flower prices did not reduce the enthusiasm of users to buy flowers.According to the person in charge of ele. me flower industry, these days, ele. me overall orders will increase more than 300% year on year.In addition to roses, carnations, tulips and other flowers orders also increased significantly.Even so, especially in the country’s first – and second-tier cities, the elderly consumers still become one of the main groups of holiday flowers.According to the “moment flower shop” in charge of observation, in the past two years, the elderly on the Internet to order flowers accept higher and higher.Orders for ele. me flowers from the elderly “increase three to four times every year” during holidays such as Spring Festival, Women’s Day on March 8 and Qixi Festival.To satisfy the demand of the crowd of many ages, ele. me union businessman launched national style money and mix build money, the flower matchs the wrapping paper that has Chinese traditional ancient characters on it, add tulip, black pineapple, princess to wait for the flower mix build, can pass the intention already, also satisfied old people live more young state of mind.According to merchants on the ele. me platform, the supply of roses priced between 129 yuan and 199 yuan is in short supply.For peak in order to ensure that the order shipment, as early as before the Spring Festival, hungry? Begin to assist businesses online operation, via live guidance business sales forecast to facilitate business stock in time, at the same time on the sources of merchants, service standards and delivery time and so on has carried on the special guidance, let the consumer can receive timely contentment.Jing ‘an Temple Street has once again won the first place in the city in terms of environmental satisfaction.What’s the password?▶ The old Shanghai teahouse moved to Jing ‘an!Sewing machine, biscuit tin, hand-painted Bright wooden box…Thick nostalgic wind blows on your face!▶ How few people registered their marriages in Shanghai on February 14?Instead, the date is full → “Shanghai Jing ‘an” wechat “Shanghai Jing ‘an” APP