Black is classic and fashionable, with four simple colors, fashionable and advanced

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Black items are often the first choice of many women when shaping their clothes. However, if the collocation is not correct, it will lead to too serious accumulation of depressing feeling and form an overly depressed atmosphere.These black looks are female-friendly, never heavy on the look, and use four ways to create a sophisticated aesthetic that women of all ages can pull off.Black + light color, black sheet is tasted the biggest characteristic is to form a complementary shape structure, let a person feel no pressure to wear, is not difficult, when the color but because or is shaped more simple design, color accumulation is too dark, produce the effect of the old, directly take all kinds of light color and black combination together as a whole, can form a complementary role.There are many light colors, light gray is a typical kind, can use a gray small coat and black dress to cooperate.Skirt outfit itself carried very obvious elegant temperament and sedate accent, cooperate the sheet of light color to taste, especially shallow gray, covering the style of implicit collect inside again.The whole outfit is never picky, and can also accommodate the short body.In numerous black sheet is tasted, people is used to black trousers to bring the advantage of one hundred match, and it has the opportunity of a lot of show up in every season, contracted feeling is handy.However, black trousers will always have the characteristics of depressing, which is its inherent characteristics, only from the way of collocation to break.Black and white are a very complementary set of CP, clean white pieces, mainly shirts, exudes either casual or dry and serious style, depending on the silhouette of the shirt and its length.The trousers used in this group will not have high requirements on leg shape. The trousers have a sense of line, which can modify the leg shape and straighten the curve.It is white shirt likewise, but different length and different collocation form, can let its style change greatly, from mature and capable turn recreational along with the sex.The long white shirt can be worn in the form of outer cover, and black items can be superimposed on the inside. The two classic colors are supported to create a significant sense of atmosphere.To create a sense of energy, do some writing on shoes.Take chromatic sneaker, no matter tonal profusion or it is color department combination is concise, won’t form conflict with white, black.Black is indeed a piece of clothing with many advantages, but if this kind of clothing is used for a long time, the recognition will be weakened a lot. It can be supplemented by personal colors and black to add highlights and highlights.Personality color is varied, this model uses is pink.However, in the form of skirt to wear inside, there will be no requirements for the driver’s skin color, high waist design pink dress, with an elegant and sweet temperament, show exquisite waist curve, weaken the thickness of clothing collocation, quite a charm.If you are worried that you can’t control the personalized color, you can use the combination of black top and personalized color bottom suit, so as to have both the atmospheric beauty created by black and the design sense of personalized color clothing.The black coat, which is not too long, is more friendly to many women, and the color is more tolerant. No matter what stage it is, it can be used in place.The lower part of the body is combined with pink suit pants, with pants to reflect a certain sense of formality.The ensemble has both the simplicity of basic color pieces and the identification of colorful clothes, and the color coordination is orderly without clutter.Black pieces can take on a variety of forms, if all the use of this color in a set of shapes, can also present a very harmonious effect, but will appear dull, you can directly use a variety of accessories to create an embellishing effect.Deserve to act the role of can exist in all sorts of place, and their design also has the cent of size, style design is difference is very big more, can use bag to adorn the coat of black, but color cannot same.Elegant middle-aged women, they will be more love black pieces, this is because as they grow older, too many fancy clothes can not add to their charm, but look ordinary black is best for them to adopt.If you overuse a black item, it will not look bright enough, and even show the feeling of aging. Wear earrings in your ears and a necklace around your neck.For example the earpiece of petaline shape that uses in this group collocation is acted the role of, delicate and cabinet, also can form fluctuation echo with pearl necklace, let a woman show elegant glamour all.Simple collocation, weakening the monotony black single products can be directly matched with a variety of pure color clothing, can also be set of qualified grain single products or wave point clothing, to reflect the advantages of simple combination, weaken the monotony of its appearance.Like this sweater cardigan, it is pure black design, the layout is still very atmospheric, easy to create a comfortable feeling.In the lower part of the body can be combined with the skirt of a thousand bird case design, using not fancy elements to create a sense of fashion.The text is my own original, the content of the article is my own opinion.The pictures in the article are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.I hope my professional interpretation and unique insights can help you, more topics can continue to exchange or ridicule in the comments section below.