“Selected essays of Lao Liu” article 95: Interview choir

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One day last month, WHEN I was drafting a document in the office, a colleague showed me the “Huadu today” newspaper of the day. “Good news, huadu has set up a choir, you can apply for it.”I thought my colleague was joking, but took a look, it was true.Then hurriedly according to the newspaper provides the number to sign up, the other party wants me to listen to the notice interview.After childhood like singing, into uniform prefer hum, remember, soon after arriving at the troops XinBingLian meet soldiers held the party, I came to sings the song, the theme from the movie “the wave” “farewell”, feel good, anyway a lot of new friends are drum palm, in fact, the song I will hum, only the lyrics are singing, just voice is loud and clear,I guess my band of mountain-born comrades seldom listened to music when they were children, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much applause.Later to the old army, singing opportunities slowly more.The army has a regulation, before eating must line up, line up must sing, sing must command, I often assume the role of command, is also the company “celebrity”.Later, when I became an officer and a leader, my role changed. I did not command any more, but I had to organize the troops to have singing competitions.In addition, New Year’s day is a holiday to organize forces to the party or the organization and local celebration, the brothers know that I like hum, the leadership also can hum, sometimes will invite woo hoo I took office, I also don’t mention it, took the microphone and then shouted, although often can’t find the time, but the soldiers to hear, oneself also happy, is not what the feeling of embarrassment.After transferring to the local work, singing time is more, but singing opportunities are less, singing atmosphere is poor.Local singing, to yao in the song hall, to yao in the flower and fruit hill park.Karaoke singing to silver, I don’t have so much money, huaguo mountain singing are retired veteran comrades, I haven’t been to the age, to finally have a net friend told me on the net also can sing, so to a name in sina UC (chat room, and added some video audio equipment, little study has become the place where I sing.To tell you the truth my singing voice is good, as China’s first, the world’s fourth singer took a relative original in my hand as a soldier, once he heard after I sing the “small poplar”, al Jefferson said waste a little high, of course I know him that is to let me take care of his relatives a lot flatter me, but I really can also voice.The biggest problem with my singing is that my musical sense is not strong, my scales are not accurate, and my simple music is not well understood.In force the somebody else say, because the size is also a political leadership, but not in the home, often get the wife daughter of jokes, especially my daughter just gave a troupe “out of tune,” allow me, happy old call me “head”, also make my subordinates “zhang two monks scratching their heads,” at what time can also ask me as a “head”.I took an examination of the choir purely for fun, in order to kill spare time, because I do not like playing cards, do not like to visit, stuffy at home every day is not good, besides, into the choir can also know a lot of high-quality song friends, and can also take off the “head” hat.During the interview, I caught a bad cold and coughed all the time. My voice was bad and I couldn’t sing high notes. I didn’t want to go at first, but my daughter advised me to have a try.I thought so, so I went.The interview was on a Saturday afternoon at the end of March. Accompanied by my daughter, I stepped into the interview hall on the second floor of the district cultural Center.I went there late that day, and the whole second floor was already crowded with singing lovers, men and women, young and old, all grinding their “voice” at the last moment.Some in reciting words, some in listening to music, some in voice, the deepest impression is a traditional Chinese medicine hospital female doctor, more than 50 years old, she also came, probably an old fan.I was contestant number 108, and my daughter said I should have a chance because it was a lucky number. I smiled and opened the door of the interview with a casual attitude.I was greeted by a big pianist who asked me if I had a backup tape. I said no, and he said you can sing cappella.I cleared my throat and turned to the six examiners at the exam table.I used to test others when I was in the army, but now it’s my turn to be tested by others. I feel really different. I can’t say I’m nervous, and it’s not right to say my pulse didn’t jump a few times.A beautiful beautiful female examiner asked me the most will sing what yao song, I said I was a veteran, in the army for 25 years, can only sing military songs, she smiled and said you sing a military song.So I sang a self-feeling best, sing the most accurate military song “small white poplar”, due to cough, cappella was forced to interrupt, I guess the effect is not good.The examiner let me follow the piano hummed a ditty, MY musical sense is very bad, which can find the feeling, had to humm a blind, the result is sure not good.Out of the door, my daughter asked me how, I said, may also have to “head”, laughing daughter bent.