How to receive express delivery during special period?How to open?There are answers to these doubts

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At present, many communities are closed and controlled. Citizens buy vegetables and daily supplies through group buying, and express delivery is indispensable.During the containment period, do we need to pay attention to the unpacking and delivery?How to collect more safely?Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention “ten questions and ten answers” tell you.>>> Q1: How do you collect the express in the locked-in area?A: In principle, lock-in areas require staying indoors.If there is express delivery, the community property or volunteers to assist, using contactless collection, delivery.Q2: How can express delivery be safer?Answer: try to open at the door, do not take the outer package home.At the same time, the internal and external packaging can be thoroughly disinfected with compliant disinfection wipes before unpacking.After wiping the package with disinfectant wipes, let the disinfectant factor take full effect for half an hour to ensure the disinfection effect.If the disinfectant wipes are made of alcohol, take precautions against the risk of alcohol burning on an open flame.Q3: What should I do after handling the delivery?A: Take off your gloves in time, wash your hands with running water, or use a compliant hand disinfectant for hand hygiene, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.Finally, remove the mask and wash your hands again.Q4: What items should I pay special attention to when buying?A: The public should pay special attention to the type of goods they buy, and take certain precautions when buying cold chain food.Residents are advised to wear disposable masks and gloves, open the outer package of cold-chain food in a ventilated environment, and then put it into a special basin.Simple processing, avoid direct washing under the faucet, to prevent sputtering pollution;When cooking and eating frozen foods, cook them thoroughly.Question 5: What can I do if MY family is in short supply?A: Residents are advised to reduce online shopping in the near future.Within the containment area, each district will organize forces to distribute necessary daily supplies to the community.Members of the public may contact the 24-hour service support hotline in your area if they have difficulties.Q6: How to protect the elderly living alone?Does anyone help them buy food?Answer: During the containment period, the community continues to provide living and caring services for the elderly with rigid needs, especially those living alone.The neighborhood, town and village committees should pay more attention to the elderly living alone by providing them with meals, vegetables and goods for them.In addition, each district has an emergency rescue platform covering the elderly living alone. The hotline is strengthened to actively care for them and communicate with them through telephone to learn about their needs in life, medicine dispensing and medical treatment, and timely report back to their village committee for help in solving problems.>>> Q7: What protective preparations should be made?A: Please stock up on epidemic prevention materials, including disinfection equipment, disinfection supplies, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.At the same time, do a good job in self-health management, check the quantity and quality of personal protective equipment such as work clothes, masks, gloves and hand disinfectant before work, and measure the body temperature. If the body temperature is abnormal, report to the unit and seek medical treatment in time.Relevant units should also do a good job of epidemic prevention knowledge training publicity.Question 8: How to protect business delivery and distribution?A: Wear masks and gloves at all times during the handling and transportation of express packages. Pay attention to the cleanliness of packages, especially to avoid the contamination of packages by respiratory secretions during the processing and transportation.Wear a surgical mask or mask of above grade and gloves at all times during work.During takeout delivery or door-to-door delivery, avoid touching public equipment and facilities such as stair handrails, elevator buttons and door handles.Wear a mask and gloves if you take the elevator.Q9: How are takeaway and express delivery vehicles cleaned and disinfected?A: Food delivery boxes should be kept clean and disinfected to avoid food contamination, and the frequency of cleaning and disinfection should be increased.The enclosed box, brake handle, handrails and other frequently contacted parts of express delivery vehicles should be cleaned and disinfected. Chlorine containing disinfectant with 500 mg/l effective chlorine can be used for disinfecting. After 30 minutes of operation, clean the parts with clean water.Q10: How can I protect myself in daily life?A: Courier boys should strengthen personal protection in the dining process.Also, improve hand hygiene.When going to the toilet, do not touch the doorknobs and other public equipment directly with your hands.Pay attention to personal hygiene.Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with uncleaned hands. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or elbow or arm when sneezing or coughing.During breaks, takeaway delivery and express delivery workers should reduce gathering and keep a social distance of at least 1 meter when talking with others.Minimize access to enclosed, unventilated public places and crowded places.The epidemic is still severe, so do not relax your vigilance