Luxury cars open a few years of continuous problems, 40,000 van why still strong?Why the heart

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In a long period of time, Wuling Hongguang has won the favor of many consumers by virtue of its low price and super practicability, and has become the “hegemon” of the domestic low-end automobile market.Wuling Hongguang although the price is very cheap, but it is very durable, we will rarely hear wuling Hongguang owners complain about where the car is broken.However, when it comes to the automobile section, hundreds of thousands of luxury cars are often reported to have quality problems, such as leaking engines and faulty brakes.A lot of people feel very do not understand, tens of thousands of dollars of van materials, workmanship are not as good as hundreds of thousands of luxury cars, why luxury car problems continue, but thirty or forty thousand dollars of van is so durable?Minivans are simple in structure and stable in quality. You’ve heard the saying, the simpler something is, the less likely it is to go wrong.The cost of the van is very low, so the car market does not see high-end configuration, intelligent configuration in the van is rarely appear, even some vans with air conditioning are installed in recent years.The engine used in the van is also a technology that has been eliminated before, but although the technology is old, the process is mature and stable. As long as there is no major traffic accident, the engine can continue to work.In order to keep pace with The Times, many luxury cars use a lot of advanced technology, most of the engines are more explosive turbocharged engines.Although the power performance of this engine is good, but the working environment is harsh, maintenance is also more troublesome.Once the operating temperature is too high, the engine may also burst the cylinder.Less electronic equipment, low failure rate luxury car industry “roll-in” is very serious, everyone is keeping up with the joneses, who uses the new technology.When upgrading, everyone tries to advertise their new technology.The new electronic equipment can improve the vehicle’s intelligence and sense of technology, but the new configuration has poor stability and is prone to failure.The van is a basic tool car, we will not care about the van there is no new technology, the main purpose of buying it is to hope that it can pull goods can pull people, as long as it can meet the owners of the lowest expectations.It’s also hard to break down a car that doesn’t have a lot of electronics.Parts are cheap, maintenance costs can afford, owners will not care too much about the price of luxury car is very expensive, a car at least four or five hundred thousand, some even millions of cars.The more expensive the car, the higher the maintenance costs, repair a car to five or six figures, even if the owner of a rich family, also feel distressed.Therefore, the car owners are very concerned about the situation of their cars. Once the car has problems and has not been properly solved, the car owners will go to the complaint website for ridicule.The price of the van is only thirty or forty thousand yuan, and a part may only cost a few tens of dollars. There are many small problems that the owner ignores directly and does not need to spend money on maintenance.For this kind of cheap and low maintenance cost of the car, everyone’s tolerance is also higher, the owner is not willing to haggle over every ounce because of a little thing.Summary: Hundreds of thousands of luxury cars often break down, but thirty or forty thousand vans have not been overhauled for decades, not because the luxury car manufacturing technology is not good, nor because the luxury car quality control is not in place.It’s because there are so many electronic devices in luxury cars, and there are so many new technologies, that the stability of the cars is getting worse.