The women’s win wasn’t even broadcast!Again used to the men’s foot prince, women’s soccer girls are more chill

2022-07-15 0 By

This Spring Festival is very exciting, the men’s football team let us have a heart attack, the women’s football team sent a quick relief pills.Seven days, like a dream: January 27, China men’s soccer 0:2 Japan men’s soccer.January 30, China women’s football 3:1 Vietnam women’s football.February 1, China men’s football 1:3 Vietnam men’s football.February 3, China 6-5 Japan women’s soccer.A word summary is: men’s soccer brother lose face, women’s soccer sister long face;Men’s foot brother by abuse, women’s foot sister to return back!But everyone knows how easy it is for the men’s team to lose face and how hard it is for the women’s team to grow a long face.It is not surprising that the men’s football team lost, because although they say they will not cause inconvenience to the Chinese people, they are all dragging their families with their luggage weighing up to 3 tons and browsing luxury goods ready to buy in the car, which has already doomed the result.So, when the loss to Vietnam, not only to the motherland people added to the wall, but also lost to the shame of foreign countries, South Korean TV 3 presenters broadcast this news, unexpectedly could not help laughing, it is really a great shame!And the women’s face is one of the world championship of Japanese women’s football, it is difficult to with Vietnam team strength gap is much larger than a football, but it is under such strength gap, the main king frost injury absence of adverse situation, under the background of twice behind almost desperate, steel roses have dogged willpower twice equalised, unexpectedly leng will match into a penalty shootout,The final stage of the comeback, 6-5 elimination of Japan, the first time in 14 years to reach the Asian Cup final, watching the face of tears!The men lost because they thought it was clocking;The women won because they knew there was a war!For the defeat of the men’s football team, the coach said that it was “over-motivated before the match, the players wanted to win the match too much, and the design went wrong before the match”.Rich oil flow of men’s football, but also more set off the poor women’s football.The Football Association has offered the men a bonus of 6 million yuan for winning a single match, but there is no Asian Cup winning prize for the women. The women can only receive the official bonus of the Asian Football Confederation.And at ordinary times, no matter how bad the men’s football team played, was scolded how malicious, there is still no business to pay, these men with sky-high attendance fees and advertising fees, the day that called a leisurely;But the women’s soccer team lacks not only attention, but also commercial sponsorship, so the girls can only hope for training allowances and tournament prize money, a fine salaryman.Is a person can see, we are how “son preference”, but the more so, the more cold women’s football out of noble son, the more men’s football mud can not help the wall!Yeah, you let a bunch of fat boys go for it, isn’t that the worst thing in the world?When the men’s football team loses and the women’s football team wins, it is not only embarrassing for the men’s football team, but also for the media. For example, in the matches of the national team, CCTV broadcasted every match of the top 12 matches of the men’s football team live, but not a single match of the women’s football team participated in the Asian Cup!China, with a population of 1.4 billion, should not only have the ability to play the small ball perfectly, but also the ability to play the big ball with ease.The difference between men’s soccer and women’s soccer may not be the difference in skill, but the difference in spirit. Perhaps, when men’s soccer can play women a little bit, we will have a play.I strongly agree with Huang Jianxiang’s suggestion that the women’s football team should be given a bonus of 6 million yuan if the men’s team wins a match.Those who are competent eat meat, and those who are incompetent drink the wind.Even if there is no prize money for the women’s football team, isn’t it time to give them some TV attention for the next match?After all, shame leads to courage. If we continue to practice this, we will not only lose courage, but also lose shame.