A scenic spot for a three-day tour in Liaoning

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Liaoning Province, named after the eternal peace of the Liao River Basin, is a provincial-level administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, with Shenyang as its capital.Located in the south of northeast China, it covers an area of 148,000 square kilometers.Known as “the eldest son of the Republic” and “the eldest son of Liao”.By the end of 2019, Liaoning province had 514 National A-level tourist attractions, including six 5A-level ones.So, what are the scenic spots for three days in Liaoning?Liaoning three days of scenic spots are: Wazigou natural scenic area, Panjin Yuanyang Ditch scenic area, Fuxin Haitang Mountain scenic area, Dalian coastal Lushun mouth scenic area, Wunushan scenic area, etc.Wazigou natural Scenic spot, located in Wazi Village, Gongchangling district, Liaoyang City, covers an area of 10 square kilometers.It is composed of four parts: orchard viewing and picking area, farm yard accommodation area, reservoir sightseeing hook area and folk customs park.They spin the eagle Spin, Xuanwu Cave, city wall spin, the natural landscape such as the reservoir, and tianchi, reservoir, barrage, leisure square, orchard, farmyard and other cultural landscape for visitors to visit.Surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on the other, it has beautiful natural scenery and strong local flavor. It is a rural tourism resort with rural experience and ecological leisure as its main function.The rural courtyards here have their own characteristics, providing tourists with primitive and clean accommodation environment.Here, you can eat authentic farm food, sleep on the farm kang, breathe the fresh air between the countryside, but also can go to the field, hunting up the mountain, fishing in the water, fully feel the comfortable life of the local villagers.Panjin Yuanyang Ditch scenic spot, located in Panshan County Dongguo Town sandaogou Shuangtaizi river estuary, an area of more than 50 square kilometers, the national AAA level scenic spot.The scenic spot is home to red-crowned cranes, black-billed gull, harbor seals and other rare national protected animals. It is the most representative part of the wetland scenery in shuangtai Estuary National Nature Reserve, including red coast and Red Jindu scenic spots.Fuxin Haitang Mountain Scenic Spot, located in the southeast of Fuxin city in western Liaoning Province, is a national AAAA level scenic spot and national forest park, and is located in Haitang Mountain National Nature Reserve.It is known as the “Famous Mountain of Buddhist art”.The biggest wonder here is the magnificent 267 cliff statues, which are the artistic treasures of Chinese Buddhism.There are effective Buddha temple, magical Guanyin cave, charming strange slope road, mysterious white fox wake, strange green snake worship, the second living Buddha’s true body relic, prolonging life and other wonders of the holy water well spring;In addition to enjoying the scenery, you can also sit in the yurt to taste Mongolian food such as Mongolian pie, Lama stew, hand-held mutton, and enjoy ethnic singing and dancing performances.You can sit on the farm heated kang to taste flavor snacks, to the picking garden to experience the joy of labor harvest;You can buy fuxin specialty – superb agate crafts, health and fitness effect of medical stone products;You can also hold a bonfire party under a beautiful night to show your singing voice and relax your mood.Dalian coastal Lushun Scenic area is a national scenic area.Located at the southern end of Liaodong Peninsula, it contains many scenic spots in Lushun Area, such as Baiyu Mountain, Lushun military port, the old site of Japanese-Russian prison, laotieshan, etc., which is a famous tourist area of Dalian.Lushun area has beautiful scenery, with baiyu Mountain, Laotie Mountain and other well-known natural landscape.Lushun Mouth, also known as “Lion’s Mouth”, is a 300-meter wide entrance to the sea formed by two mountains facing each other. It can only pass through one large naval vessel at a time. Strategically, it is easy to defend and difficult to attack.There are also military sites such as the old site of the Japanese-Russian prison, namzi Ammunition depot, Dianam fort, Dongjigwan Mountain, and the old site of the meeting place of the Naval Battalion.Wunu Mountain scenic spot, located in the north of Huanren Town, Huanren Manchu Autonomous County, Benxi City, Liaoning Province, according to legend, there are five female soldiers stationed on it, hence the name.The Mountain city of Mount Wunu has been listed on the World Heritage List along with the Goguryeo ruins in Ji ‘an, Jilin Province.Wunvshan scenery is beautiful, the mountain of feilai peak stands alone, a line of heaven deep gully, uncanny workmanship.A line of sky deepest 31 meters, the narrowest 0.65 meters, standing in which to look up, only a line of blue sky.It is built on the hillside, irregular wedge shape, north and south 1540 meters long, divided into the hillside of the outer city and the top of the inner city two parts.Here you can also climb taiji Pavilion railing overlooking, watching the mountain stream tortuous;Climbing the point of the general platform, you can see huan Long Lake lying under your feet, very magnificent.Shancheng east, west, north three sides are 100 feet of cliffs, south is steep steep slope, easy to defend difficult to attack the terrain.The ruins of three large buildings, city walls, sentry posts, barracks and cisterns were found in the city.