IPhone 13 continues to lead jd’s mobile phone sales list in March, with the birth of “new explosive models” made in China

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Looking at today’s smartphone market, the most controversial mobile phone brands should belong to Apple and Xiaomi.Every generation of apple’s iPhone price is more expensive, but it is much less than the domestic configuration with the price of high-end flagship, many netizens said to buy the iPhone is in IQ tax, in contrast, millet mobile phone, this two years of millet and towards the high-end, internationalization development, but in the heart of a lot of netizens, millet is still “the dream silk” the machine.If it is according to the actual market sales situation, it is just the opposite!According to the latest jd mobile phone sales list analysis in March, iPhone 13 continues to take the lead, ranking first in the single product sales of CDPF, and second in the newly released Redmi K50. In terms of specific sales volume,The iPhone 13 and redmi K50 topped the list with 535,400 units and 233,200 units, respectively.And from the point of the list, the net friend of now still have their own thinking, do not because of some net friend on the Internet rumors have been fascinated by heart, and, when it comes to buy digital products or can follow their willingness to buy, in fact the iPhone 13 and red rice K50 can occupy the first and second place is no surprise,After all, these two products are still representative of today’s smartphone market.As domestic brands of red rice has always been to deliver, “extreme price” has always been red rice brand slogan, and on the slogan of red rice last year K40 series is made sales of tens of millions of level, from the point of the first grade, it is clear that the red rice K50 is about to take over the position of the red rice K40 last year, the price of 2399 yuan products,Had accomplished the acme performance of this price, each configuration is this price segment highest level.Breguet 8100 chip was launched for Redmi K50, which has a lower positioning than Breguet 9000 chip, but has good power consumption and heat control, and its performance is comparable to snapdragon 888. At the same time, Redmi K50 also has a 2K resolution screen, which is definitely the only one in this price segment.In addition, the built-in 5500mAh large capacity battery supports 67W fast charge, and the battery life has also become a major selling point of the Red Rice K50. After these functions are combined, the Red rice K50 with the ultimate cost performance is formed. It is difficult for such a product not to want to be “popular”.The iPhone 13 is expensive, but what does that matter?In fact, this is due to the lack of domestic high-end flagship. After Huawei lost the high-end flagship market, iPhone was completely given enough room for growth. As for the high-end flagship of other brands, it could not compete with iPhone at all.It also makes the iPhone 13 completely uncompetitive at the high end of the market.On the other hand, the upgrade brought by iPhone 13 itself is not hard to see that this generation of iPhone seems to have conscience. The A15 processor is a routine upgrade, and it is not too much to say. Meanwhile, the upgrade of iPhone 13 in terms of screen quality, battery life and image is not an iterative routine upgrade.In addition, the ecosystem created by iOS is designed to overwhelm domestic systems developed based on Android, which means that the user experience provided by iPhone will be better for the same price.Generally speaking, the iPhone 13 and red rice K50 can obtain good sales achievements are and their own strength, in other words, the iPhone 13 and red rice K50 in their price are have the advantage of other brands models do not have these advantages is also done enough to attract consumers, what is your opinion about it?Welcome to comment.