Cars violate traffic rules that are ignored

2022-07-25 0 By

Although everyone has some understanding of the rules of the road, sometimes it is not until the moment they receive the ticket that they exclaim, “How can this operation happen?”Today, xiaobian will give you a popular science about the old and new drivers have been caught by the trap of illegal cold doors!One, the green light does not go is illegal according to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” 38 provisions: vehicles, pedestrians should pass in accordance with the traffic signal.So in theory, a vehicle standing still on a green light is a violation of traffic signals.For this kind of punishment, different standards, severe is judged as “driving a motor vehicle in violation of road traffic lights pass”, deduct 6 points, fined 200 yuan.Two, there is a kind of green light can not break the so-called “green” refers to the vehicle knows that the front congestion can not move forward, continue to drive into the intersection under the green light, resulting in other directions to the car congestion can not pass.In this case, if the traffic police strictly enforce the law, they will be fined 100 yuan and deducted 3 points.Reverse parking refers to that although the vehicle is parked in the parking line, but the front of the road and the side of the vehicle moving in the opposite direction.”Road Traffic Safety Law implementation Regulations” article 63 provisions: roadside parking shall be close to the right side of the road, not reverse parking.If you park in reverse direction, even if you park in the parking space, it is still illegal parking, will be fined 200 yuan, 3 points.Four, more than a baby also calculate overload some owners think the child hold on the body does not occupy the position is not overload, in fact, even more than a baby also calculate overload, so do not have a lucky psychology, once the traffic police caught, more than the number of approved not up to 20% of the fine 200 yuan, 3 points;A fine of 200 yuan and 6 points shall be recorded if the number exceeds 20%.Five, one time can not change the two lanes if the direction of a time, it is inclined from the lane to the third lane, there is no positive direction in the middle of the process, it belongs to a one-time change two lanes.This can cause blind spots, increase the incidence of traffic accidents, and driving too fast can easily lead to rear-end collisions.Those caught could also be fined 200 yuan.Six, the roof height limit, more than a fine “traffic security law implementing regulations of the People’s Republic of China” regulation, the passenger car in after put the luggage rack, from the roof height should not exceed 0.5 meters, the height from the ground shall not be more than 4 m, and the length and width of the cargo shall not exceed the carriages, otherwise it will face a fine below RMB 500 yuan.When the vehicles on both sides of the road change to the middle at the same time, the car on the left should let the car on the right change the lane first, that is, the principle of “let the right”.However, if a vehicle fails to yield to the right in a traffic accident, the owner of a vehicle on the left will be held responsible for the accident. Therefore, the owner of a vehicle on the left will face more economic damage than the fine