“Gale warning” On January 31, Panjin Meteorological Bureau issued a gale yellow warning of “level iii/heavy”

2022-07-25 0 By

Gale yellow warning signal: it is expected that January 31 night, panjin area northwest wind 5 to 6, gusts 7 to 8, bohai sea area northwest wind 7 to 8, gusts 9 to 10;It is estimated that during the daytime of February 1, the northerly wind of force 6 to force 7 and gust of force 8 to force 9 will occur in the northern part of Bohai Sea.Panjin near the sea and air route will be affected, please take precautions.Defense guidelines issued at 16:26 jan 31, 2022 (information source: National Warning And Issuing Center)