Pingyin will build a “fish and rice town” along the Yellow River bay to create a modern efficient agricultural style belt

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Qilu net · Lightning news March 31 – The first session of the 19th People’s Congress of Pingyin County opened on March 31. Pan Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Pingyin County Committee and acting county magistrate, delivered a government work report to the congress on behalf of the Pingyin County government.Reporters learned from the meeting that this year Pingyin County will develop modern agriculture, optimize rural governance, to create a new model of rural revitalization.We will unswervingly take rural revitalization as an important support for high-quality development, and promote all-round upgrading of agriculture, all-round progress of rural areas, and all-round development of rural residents.Pingyin county will develop and expand modern agriculture.We fully implemented the “chief farmland system”, implemented the strictest possible farmland protection system, and invested 500 million yuan in irrigation and water conservancy projects.The newly increased land circulation area of 100,000 mu, the development of municipal agricultural leading enterprises above 2.We will carry out actions to revitalize industries with distinctive agricultural features, develop industries with distinctive advantages such as refined roses, edible fungi, and Traditional Chinese medicinal materials, develop and strengthen the leading industries of animal husbandry, vegetables, and forest and fruit, support the development of national towns with strong agricultural industries, and strive to create modern agricultural industrial parks at the provincial level.Build a “fish and rice town” in the Yellow River Bay, and create a modern and efficient agricultural landscape belt along the Yellow River with unique pingyin characteristics.Building a beautiful and livable countryside.Comprehensive management of Jinshui River, Huihe River and Yudai River will be implemented according to the classification of policies, and the construction of water conservation projects for small watershed in Beishi will be actively promoted.We completed the construction of the second batch of 12 qilu model villages for rural revitalization and four provincial-level model villages for beautiful villages, and promoted the integration of beautiful villages into clusters to create distinctive rural features.It has actively promoted the construction of jian-Heze highway widening and Chata-Tai railway highway bridge, completed the preliminary work of national Road 105 Yellow River Highway Bridge and National Road 341 reconstruction project, and carried out the rural road network extension project to improve the road network accessibility.We will boost the vitality of rural development.We consolidated and improved the basic rural operation system, explored a model of land trusteeship for the entire village, and fostered 60 new agricultural entities such as rural cooperatives and family farms.We will explore ways to put rural collective construction land on the market to stimulate rural development.We will coordinate resources for community-level medical care, cultural, sports and education, and community management, and upgrade a number of community service centers to a high standard.We will deepen the governance model of “one nuclear power, five governance”, carry out in-depth activities to promote cultural practices in the new era, move forward with changing traditional customs and customs, and improve the rural governance system that combines self-governance, rule of law, and rule of virtue.Lightning news reporter Feng Yiwen report statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: