Reflection Angle column type photoelectric switch (with explosion-proof certificate) model: DS100M1 Library number: M323767

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Type: E3K100-DS100M1 Type: infrared photoelectric sensor manufacturing process: integrated output signal: switch Profile quality: metal material physical properties: semiconductor material crystal structure: polycrystalline sensitivity: 100 Operating temperature: 50℃ Rated voltage: 220VE3K100-DS100M1 Reflection Angle column photoelectric switch Product characteristics:1, radial, diffuse reflection, regression reflection photoelectric switch have to prevent mutual interference function, easy to install;2, fast response infrared modulation photoelectric detection, stable performance, fast response, impact resistance, vibration resistance, light disturbance is small, long life;There are nearly 100 kinds of products available in three types: counter reflection, regression reflection and diffuse reflection.3, wide range of detection distance, from 3mm-100m, photoelectric switch to meet different requirements, cylindrical (M12/M18/M30), square and other specifications can be selected.4, switching output variety is rich, divided into DC two line, DC three line, DC four line and AC two line, relay output, NPN or E3K100-DS100M1 reflection Angle column photoelectric switch working principle:Specular reflection consisting of a transmitter and a receiver is a standard configuration, the beam from the transmitter is reflected in the opposite mirror, that is, back to the receiver, when the beam is interrupted to produce a switch signal change.The transmission time of light is twice the signal duration, and the effective range is from 0.1 m to 20 m.Features: Distinguish opaque objects;With the help of the reflector component, a high effective range is formed;Not easily disturbed, can be suitable for use in the field or dusty environment.