Northeast corn market began to rise prelusive, grab grain war on the verge of breaking out, rising food prices?

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Uncle Rui begins by bringing you the latest developments in today’s corn market as usual.From the time point of view, is the Spring Festival is getting more and more far, see the arrival, the fifteenth day of the corn market marketing has been fully open, but the status quo is try so hard, the acquisition of subject and the sell corn brother don’t try so hard, the grain and food dealer, enterprise have to start early to receive food, but the brother still immersed in a festival atmosphere did not come out,This also lets northeast corn market gradually go strong, grain price is a good.From the perspective of deep processing enterprises, there are more and more rising enterprises. The Northeast region has started the prelude of rising food prices.Suihua Haotian increased by 10 yuan/ton;14 water 2400 yuan/ton;Heilongjiang Xinhecheng rose 14 yuan/ton;14. 2380 yuan/ton for water;Elephant Island, Fujin, up 20 yuan/ton;30 water execution 0.965 yuan/jin;Investment Helen energy up 50 yuan/ton;14. 2350 yuan/ton for water;The corn market in northeast China has been stronger and stronger from before the Spring Festival to the New Year, and after cargill Biochemical opened the door to surge through 2500 yuan/ton mark, it has a great impact on the market, and the whole market bullish sentiment is driven up.Northeast corn market, after the Spring Festival has opened the prelusive rise!At the same time, the change in market mentality has caused a series of chain reactions, especially the signs of food grabbing have begun to emerge, which will further stimulate the strong rise of food prices.In particular, grain depot, grain merchants and enterprises between the mainstream acquisition of the main body is a bit of the meaning of the spark, the intensity of the acquisition of a wave of strong over a wave, the will to grab grain began to show.From the grain depot aspect;Grain warehouses usually open their purchases later after the Spring Festival, but this year they open them very early, even earlier than some enterprises. Moreover, the most important thing is that the number of purchases has also increased, which will increase the market demand no matter for inventory building or other purposes.From the perspective of grain merchants;Food dealer because of injury last year before the Spring Festival is too deep, generally are more cautious, have established a large number of inventory, only increases with the increasing in the, but with clear indication of price movements, the food dealer also some unbearable, are open, the northeastern start drying tower is largely grassroots takeover, enthusiasm, and of food price increases the phenomenon is not little still.From the perspective of enterprise: area between food also began to show, jilin area businesses raise prices, many stocks began to drain into the heilongjiang province of jilin, this leads to deep processing enterprise in heilongjiang province some panic, although now have some inventory, but also follow the price of grain, protect the mindset of corn stocks.It can be seen that the various acquisition subjects are rubbing their hands and are very active in the acquisition, and the food war after the Spring Festival is very likely to be staged again.Will food prices soar?Personally, I think it is not difficult for corn and grain prices in Northeast China to keep strong and rise steadily, but there are still two difficulties in sudden increase, which must be taken into account.1, the grain depot has a certain corn inventory, will the regulatory level to curb the corn surge?2, grain traders hurt too deeply last year, this year’s grain grab may not be as crazy as last year, once the food price is too high may again enter the wait-and-see.But no matter how to say, the continuous decline of grain prices can not be seen for the time being, we old iron people selling grain must be higher and higher, but it is hard to say whether the increase is large or small, you can be assured of orderly selling grain, strive to sell to a higher price.