The most miserable emperor in history: his limbs were nailed to an ox cart, and he received 1,516 cuts by lashing. He died at the age of 15

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Had his limbs nailed to an ox cart, and had 1,516 cuts cut alive.The man who was executed was Named Hongtian Guifu, the only emperor who was executed in history.In the late Qing Dynasty, the government was corrupt and the people’s life was unspeakable.So Hong Xiuquan seized the opportunity, and Yang Xiuqing, Xiao Chaogui and others launched the Jintian uprising, and the establishment of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.Hong Xiuquan claimed to be the second son of God, Yang Xiuqing claimed to be attached to God, and Xiao Chaogui claimed to be attached to the body, many people were attracted by the mysterious color of their body, and under the slogan of eating with wearing alike, have joined the uprising team.In 1851, tianping conquered Nanjing and established its own dynasty here.After gaining power, Hong’s old habits began to fall.He built an extremely costly day palace, palace in addition to Hong Xiuquan, all are beautiful beauty.It is said that there are more than 2,000 beautiful women hidden in the palace, including 88 concubines, numerous female officials and palace maids.Hong Xiuquan is right these belle fondle admiringly, everyday curtilage is in royal palace, indulge oneself in pleasure with them.So that eleven years did not step out of the palace half step, at hand in order to please Hong Xiuquan, often from around the beauty tour, as long as it is beautiful face, all will be sent to day palace.Hong xiuquan not only enjoyed himself, but also his son.When Hong Tian Guifu was nine years old, he found four daughters-in-law for him.Hong Xiuquan also set a wonderful regulation, he asked all men in the country can not accept his wife, and men and women to live separately, even husband and wife is no exception, once found will be beheaded public.But he and his ministers did make exceptions, and the higher the rank, the more wives they married.In addition to indulging in the enjoyment of beauty, Hong’s food and accommodation is very luxurious.There are a variety of delicacies on the table, dishes as many as the full Chinese banquet.Hong xiuquan loved gold so much that he not only built a luxurious palace, but also wore clothes made of gold. Even his chamber POTS were made of pure gold.Hong Xiuquan’s daily thoughts were not about how to govern the country, but how to enjoy himself, which led to the demise of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom after only ten years of existence.How tragic was the demise of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom?The emperor was crushed to ashes, concubines were raped, and all civil and military officials were beheaded.After Hong Xiuquan died of illness in Nanjing, hong Tianguifu, who was only fourteen years old, succeeded to the throne and became the young King of Heaven, but he was no more than eleven puppet, and the real power was still in the hands of Hong Renfa and others.In 1864, Zeng Guofan led the Hunan army to attack Nanjing, and the two sides launched a fierce battle, and finally the taiping Heavenly Kingdom held Nanjing.Li Xiucheng with hongtian noblewoman fled hurriedly, but the people of the city can be miserable.To make an example of others, the Qing army slaughtered the entire population of Nanjing, including more than 730 civil and military officials.Hong xiuquan was long dead, but his body was dug up, hacked into dozens of pieces and then reduced to ashes.His eighty-eight concubines and many of his beauties were also killed, either by cutting their own throats.Others were abused and the city was devastated.But Hong’s son escaped.Soon after entering Jiangxi, however, the Qing army ambushed them. In the chaos, the group was broken up and Li xiucheng was captured and executed.Hongtian Guifu a person fled in a hurry.It is recorded that Hong Tian GUI Fu fell into a large pit on his way to escape and escaped the search of the Qing army.Later, he went to the home of a farmer named Tang and pretended that he was from Hunan. The family was kind enough to let him stay and do some farm work and cut his hair.But After all, Hong Tian Guifu has lived a privileged life since childhood, do not do any farm work.The family was not well off, so they gave him some food and told him to leave.Hong Tian Guifu was so hungry that he asked the Qing army for food, but his accent gave him away.Finally, the Qing army captured him and took him to Nanchang Province.Hongtian Guifu every day afraid, in order to seek a glimmer of life, he showed a surprising weakness and humble.He not only fawned over the man in charge of his detention, but also wrote three poems for him.During the trial, Hongtian Guifu is also very frank confession, and even don’t forget to pit his father, a will all the charges are pushed to HongXiuquan.But he did not know that the faster the recruitment, the faster the death of Hong Tian Guifu also ended up in a tragic end, became the first emperor was ling Chi.Hong Tian Guifu was only 15 when he was executed.He was nailed to an ox cart and cut 1,516 times before dying, becoming the first emperor to be cut in half in history.After the taiping heavenly kingdom was destroyed, your blessing was caught by the qing hong day, will be on all the responsibility father hong xiuquan, does not stop groveling to please him naively thought that as long as their initiative, and putting the blame to others, the qing government would be lighter punishment to myself but he did not think of, even if they really surrendered, nor for a good ending.Empress Dowager Cixi ordered that Hong Tian Guifu be executed by slaying the soldiers who had been in charge of his custody, and his limbs were driven through the streets with long nails on an ox cart.According to the documents, there was a sea of people on the day of Hong Xiuquan’s execution, and many people came to see the excitement.Hongtian Guifu had been scared, full of gibberish, people have thrown rotten vegetable leaves to the paddy wagon.After the parade, Mr. Hong was tied to the tower.Then, the executioner showed the public the instruments of torture, knives, small saws, hooks and so on. The audience clapped their hands and applauded.But the stage of hongtian Guifu was scared of the urine incontinence.The executioner first cut him in the thigh.The young man could not stand the pain and kept screaming.Another executioner dipped a brush into a small pot and smeared it on the spot where Hong was bleeding. The bleeding was stopped immediately.Then came the second cut.Third knife, during hongtian Guifu has been howling more than, but no strength, also accepted.Ling Chi’s cruelty is not to let all of a sudden, but a knife a knife torture you cut a thousand and five hundred and sixteen knife, Hongtian Guifu finally died his head was public display, the body was dismembered.And the organs that were cut off were bought for a lot of money.Because they say it can be used as medicine.As for the skeleton was abandoned to the wilderness, Hongtian Guofu fell such a fate, can only say for his father.Although he was once emperor, power was always in the hands of others.He’s only been blessed for a few days, and now he’s being made an example of.In fact, we all know that he is innocent, but he is hong Xiuquan’s son, is the young king of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.How could the majesty of the Qing government be maintained if it were spared him?So we can only divide Hong Tian GUI Fu by Ling Chi.Maybe that’s what the father pays the son.It is said that when Hong Was imprisoned, he dreamed of becoming a scholar.What do you think of the emperor?