What’s life like for a Neet in Japan?No work, no socializing, no food, no parents, 38 years at home

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Japanese society has been aging for many years, as young Japanese simply choose to “lie down”, not marry, have children, or even struggle.And many people in the single group, become neet, do not work, do not go to work and almost do not talk to people, stay at home from a few years to decades do not go out, such people really exist?The neet group, which originated in the United States and is known as the Neet group, has gradually emerged in Japan, China and other countries, especially In Japan.The real life of those neet children: they have nothing to do, no job, no stable income, stay at home playing video games and mobile phones, living on the financial support of their parents, etc., and the most obvious characteristic is that they know they are useless, but they can not change it all.One of the youngest among the neets interviewed is Nishi Yuidou, who is only 18 but has been neets for three years.Slightly different from other Neet children, he does not live with his parents, but rents a small room of less than 10 square meters in Jingdong. He sleeps during the day and surfeeds the Internet and reads comics at night.The only time I go out all day is to eat alone in the evening.When asked about his income, he said his parents regularly send him money every month.Oishi also said that he had been introverted since he was a child, and the reason for his complete seclude is that he overcame introverted and shy to run for monitor, but was not elected, this matter let him receive a serious blow, feel the need for a space alone.Oishi’s three years is by no means the most, along with Hiro Sato, who has been housebound for 38 years.He became a NEet because he refused to give up an elusive dream of becoming a documentary film director.But to be honest, it’s not that easy to be a documentary filmmaker and earn an income.And Misaki Sato is reluctant to give up, so he did not have a decent job and stable income, has been eating parents and living parents.When he wanted to make a documentary periodical sample book, he found that he only saved 2,000 yen (equivalent to 165 yuan of personal name) in more than two years, but the cost was not enough. He borrowed 1,000 yen (58 yuan) from his parents, which made his mother very devastated.His father had already told Sato Hiro that he had retired, the family economy almost even can not afford to buy food, I hope Sato Hiro can go to find a serious job to get a stable income.He didn’t even know he was in debt for 580,000 yen, or 38,000 yuan, until his parents urged him to do so.Such debt is not high, but for Mr Sato, who has no income at all, it is astronomical.In fact, Hiroo Sato’s situation is not uncommon in Japan, and even such neet children are on the increase in Japanese society.And it is impossible to ignore that the neet at home is not only neet this layer of tragedy, but also because of more contradictions with parents or other family members, and even some irreparable contradictions lead to tragedy.The tragedy behind the NEet group occurred in June 2019, when Japanese police arrested Hideaki Kumazawa, a former vice minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, accusing him of being a “murderer”.To know, Hideaki Kumasawa’s position is equivalent to our vice minister level, in the end for what chose to kill, and voluntarily surrender?Hideaki Kumazawa, 76, reportedly called police to confess that he had killed his 44-year-old son.Because of trifles, father and son bicker that day, but unexpectedly Xiong Zeying zhao to the son’s chest even stabbed several knives to bring about its haemorrhage death, and later alarm suicide.On the surface, this case is just a simple trifling quarrel between father and son, but how can it reach the point of murder? After all, “tiger’s poison does not eat its son”, what reason makes a father who is no longer young start his hand to his son?In the end, it was because Mr. Kumazawa had grown tired of his son Eiichiro Sawa’s long career.Adolescent jersey of that year, British ichiro after the failure in the examination of high school, curtilage at home playing video games all day, his parents began to see the jersey ying also because of the minor and don’t have the heart to let he began to work, however, is that jersey ying ichiro two hundred and thirty years like one day to chew old, although the age is large, but because there is no proper job and stable income, not married and have children.Playing video games all day and losing millions of yen.This made his father furious, and he was stabbed to death by his father.The end result was predictable: Mr. Kumazawa was sentenced to prison.What’s more, some neet children not only neet their parents, but also abuse their parents.Xiong Zeying zhao is the final end jersey ying ichiro life also is not just because he chew old, but the jersey ying ichiro not only beat up his mother, and mother forced to hand over pay check for prepaid phone card game, he even jersey ying also beaten his sister, and repeatedly destroyed his sister’s feelings, and the close relationship between depression led to his sister,Eventually his sister became overwhelmed and committed suicide.Sawa did not stop, but became more crazy, even because his father could not get money, he directly beat his old father.It is also because ze Ying Ichiro let his father repeatedly despair, finally chose to personally “solve” his own son.Experts say that the reason for this phenomenon is that the continuous growth of the Japanese economy after the world war II led to the emergence of the entire Japanese society as a middle class.But with the collapse of the bubble economy in the late 1980s, a large number of regular employees were reduced to low-paid, low-protection, and even insecure non-regular employees.The division of the middle class in Japan has led to a “poor society” with unequal opportunities and outcomes.In fact, neet more and more countries are not only Japan, in recent years, our country also began to appear this phenomenon, our society should be vigilant: indulging children such as killing children, doting is not true love, teaching children independent self-improvement is the right way.