Bicolor ball 2022035 trend analysis, red ball 9 yards have surprise, blue ball 3 yards to welcome good luck

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Bicolor 2022035 will draw on March 31, the current total prize up to 1.729 billion, is also the last phase of the bicolor draw in March, lucky lottery friends, you are ready to harvest lucky at the end of this month?I hope the data and analysis collected in this article can bring you inspiration and harvest your own lucky prize.In order to facilitate the lottery friends to do a reference, we first review the last phase of the two-color ball lottery numbers, two-color ball 2022034 out of the number is: 14, 17, 26, 31, 32, 33+10, dragon head is 14, phoenix tail is 33;The parity ratio is 3:3;The size ratio is 5:1;A triad of numbers 31, 32 and 33 was opened;26 is the same number as the previous issue.After the area blue ball surprise, out of 10, let a lot of friends unprepared, 10 missed the interval after 42 times out again.Next look at the last phase of the winning situation, 2022034 bichromatic ball out of 9 first prize, each prize 7033420 yuan;The second prize is 49 bets, each prize 466,856 YUAN;The regions with the first prize are: Liaoning 6, Jilin 1, Jiangxi 1, Shandong 1;At the same time also hope to see this article lottery friends and your region can also have this lucky!Next, we will analyze the trend of the 2022035 bicolor in detail, and I hope you can find inspiration from this article.Red ball area 1 (01-11), the last phase of the whole army lost a number did not open out, 22035 will certainly issue number, but also not optimistic about too much, a good probability is larger, leading optimistic about odd numbers, focus can pay attention to 03, 09, 10;In terms of red ball zone 2 (12-22), first look at the numbers with strong regularity. 14 is likely to fall off according to the interval of previous periods, while 19 is easy to form a symmetrical interval.Focus on 14, 19, 22;In terms of red-ball zone 3 (23-33), there is not much chance of referring to the last three consecutive starts, so we can first exclude 31, 32 and 33. At the same time, it is not impossible for 26 to start three times again, and we can pay attention to 24, 26 and 28.In terms of the blue ball, the surprise of 10 in the last issue caught many friends off guard. Recently, some friends are chasing several cold numbers in the blue ball, but it may not be a continuous surprise, so we still need to consider more familiar numbers recently, we can pay attention to 02, 09, 14;Bicolor 202222035 comprehensive shape prediction: the ratio of the three areas is 1:3:2;Odd-even: 2 to 4;Size ratio 4:2;Top 5 hot number of red ball in recent 50 issues: 19 (left 18 times), 10 (left 15 times), 07 (left 14 times), 14 (left 14 times), 32 (left 14 times);Top 5 of cold number of red ball in recent 50 periods: 08 (twice), 33 (three times), 01 (five times), 18 (five times), 29 (five times);Top 7 in hot number of blue ball in recent 50 period: 09 (6 times out), 16 (6 times out), 01 (5 times out), 07 (5 times out), 04 (4 times out), 08 (4 times out), 15 (4 times out)Top 6 in blue ball in recent 50 periods: 11 (10 times), 12 (0 times), 13 (1 time), 03 (2 times), 06 (2 times), 10 (2 times);Combined with the above analysis and data summary, 2022035 phase of the bicolor red ball can focus on: 03, 09, 10, 14, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28;Blue ball can focus on: 02, 09, 14;Note: 03, 14, 19, 22, 26, 28+02 this article is only for personal views, not as the basis of buying lottery, hope friends rational purchase lottery, do not invest too much, enjoy a better life!Thank you very much for moving your lucky fingers, like, pay attention to, favorites and forward to share, thank you for your support, lottery friends, what do you think of the bicolor 2022035 issue?Welcome to leave a message to discuss, let us open brains together, leave your valuable opinion, everyone firewood flame high, collision a lucky spark, realize their dreams!