Relationships: Please don’t treat your wife like a nanny

2022-08-02 0 By

In the relationship between men and women, there is a stereotype that women are expected to take care of husbands and children, cook, do laundry and clean the house.In fact, male master outside, female master inside is no problem.After all, if a couple wants to thrive, they need to work with each other.However, husband and wife life, not work, can be so clearly separated, so no temperature.For women, can be willing to do these things, but as a man must be more considerate and understanding of women, but also to give women warm, solid arms.Never take a woman as a nanny, the work in the home are called upon women to do, so for women, is very aggrieved.First: take it for granted in the life of a man and a woman, the man should never take for granted the contribution of the life of the woman.In fact, men can do the following empathy thinking, if a woman naturally feel that you should make money, no money should abandon you, can not earn money is incompetent, how do you feel?Between husband and wife together, it is more important to understand and understand, but also need to give each other warmth.If you don’t make money, a woman will help you out, support you and leave you alone in life.If you don’t help a woman, try to understand her and make her feel that all her efforts and efforts are worth it.There is a saying that when a husband and wife work together, they can cut through gold. The only thing a man should do is to give positive support to each other, instead of taking it for granted that he will come and go, which is very hurtful.Second: free labor in the marriage of men and women in life, as a man must not feel that a woman did not pay, more can not feel that a woman at home do not make money on inferior.Once men regard women as free labor, it is easy to hurt women, let women feel that their hard work for this family, only for the man’s contempt, but the woman is very unacceptable.Women are not free labor, women a year down the hard, as a man should be more encouraged and praise women, and even reward women.For example, buy some clothes for a woman, buy some gifts to treat a woman.This will make the woman feel that being with you is worth it and that she has not met the wrong person.In the relationship between husband and wife, the most important thing is to encourage and praise each other more, rather than hitting each other, saying that each other is good for nothing, sometimes affirming each other, is affirming their own choices, nothing more.Third: husband and child in the relationship between men and women, may be because of the influence of the ancients, always feel husband and child is a woman’s business, it seems that there is no much relationship with men.Actually, no, men also have to take care of women, take care of their children.Only two people work together, take care of each other, can let this home have temperature.A woman can take care of her husband and children and take good care of the family, but a man should also shoulder the responsibilities and burdens that a man should have. Only in this way can the family become better.If only the woman unilateral output and pay, so such feelings will become cool and cool sooner or later, even let a woman despondent not to see hope.So, both men and women, when facing a relationship, be sure to understand that what you bring to the other side, the other side will respond to you!If you don’t have the temperature, the woman will also become cold.