The first ring given to Kate by Prince William 20 years ago had such a meaning behind it!

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Perhaps the most famous ring William gave Kate is the sapphire one he wore to their engagement in 2010.William proposed to Kate with her late mother Diana’s engagement ring in memory of her, and Kate has been almost always seen wearing it in public.In fact, in addition to the ring, William gave Kate a thoughtful promise ring early in their relationship.William and Kate met at St Andrews University in Scotland in 2001 and went from friends to lovers. During their on-campus romance, William gave Kate a rose gold ring, his first ever.According to jewelry expert Steven Stone, this seemingly simple ring has a lot of meaning behind it.Set in this rose gold ring are two garnets and a pearl, neither of which is a precious stone, but they are Kate’s birthstone (January) and William’s birthstone (June).According to Stone, the crimson garnet symbolizes loyalty, love and strength and is a stone of commitment, while the pearl is associated with purity, humility and protection, which seems to reveal a lot about the couple’s personality and relationship.”The fact that these four stones are aligned with each other seems to represent the lives of the two of them, which is a very romantic expression.” The rings themselves represent a kind of commitment, and the choice of each other’s birthstones seems to foreshadow their interwoven lives.From this ring, it can be seen that prince William is also in love with his heart!Kate wore the ring to her graduation ceremony in 2005, and their lives seem to confirm the ring’s original meaning.Although the ring is thought to cost no more than £2,000 and is not the most expensive piece of jewellery in Kate’s jewellery box, it must mean something quite unique to her as it symbolises William’s original commitment to her.Article from hundred number “Zoetrope fun more”, strictly prohibit any commercial handling or plagiarism.For more interesting information, please click “follow” author ~